Your Manifesting Vibration Can Be Devastatingly Compromised by Negative People in 3 Ways

In order to manifest what you want you must learn to open your radar to detect the negative people in your life. There is no way about it, in order to manifest with success and keep a high vibration you must learn to protect yourself from the negative vibration of those around you.

I hate to admit it but there are more negative people than there are positive well meaning people in this life. Thankfully, the good news is that not all negative people remain this way. Often times difficult situations can make people become very negative without being mean spirited. No matter the reason, its damaging to your well being as well as your desire to manifest when you remain in the presence of someone who is very negative. Negative people carry a very low vibration which hampers your ability to manifest with great efficiency.

Here are 5 Damaging Traits Which Will Destroy Your Manifesting Vibration

Dream Killers

Not only to negative dream killers drain your energy with their negative dismal discouraging conversations but they often lock your mind into a pessimistic reality. Your life can become a horrible mess when you become stuck in the dark energy of people who hold a dark dream of your life. It can become quite hard to manifest what you want when others are always dragging you down every change they get. You make the mistake of sharing your dreams with them and they can show you all the many ways that you desire will or can go wrong. Before you know it, you are unable to hold on to your dream much less do the practices necessary to manifest it in your life. Do you feel your energy slipping away whenever you are in the company of certain people?

Energy Vampires

You may find yourself feeling tired or depressed when you are in the company of people who are highly negative. When a person has consistent negative thoughts and images replaying in their mind, this creates trauma and holes in their energetic field or what is called the aura. This leaves the person in a very needy state, what they need most is more energy. Because they don’t know how to repair this damage in a healthy way they subconsciously draw the energy from anyone who is closes to them. You may not be aware of this transfer but it happens.

Soon enough you are feeling very exhausted and mentally and emotionally battered without always knowing just why. After long periods in the company of someone like this your ability to manifest what you desire will suffer a great deal. Because it takes a healthy aura to manifest your will be compromised by the company that you keep and the effect can be disastrous.

Eminent Physical, Mental and Emotional Illness

Low energy prevents your mind from working effectively. Energy is vital to the health and function of the human body and mind. When your personal energy is being drained from you by the negative people in your life it affects you on several levels. Low energy not only affects your ability to manifest greater things it affects your body’s ability to heal, it affects your thoughts. Often times negative thoughts are the result of low energy. Just think for a moment of what your thoughts are like when you are feeling tired and drained. It you can recall you may realize that your thoughts and feelings were a bit gloomy.

Now imagine what it would be like to be in the company of someone who were draining your energy on a regular basis. Imagine what that would do for your total state. Sad to say many of you cannot manifest because you have not learned how to repair your own energy. This is extremely vital to the manifesting process. It’s the reason why most people remain stuck.

This is even worst when you see much older people in their 50’s and 60’s telling stories of how hard their life was because of some horrible person in their life who sucked the life and beauty out of their youth. It’s a sad story to see but it’s all too common. The only way to prevent this is to learn to create a Psychic Shield which blocks out those negative energies from holding you back from the negative people who enter your life.

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