Thought-Forms and Intentional Manifestations

One tenet of “The Secret” is the notion that you can influence the random events that affect your “luck” by diligently focusing your mental energies in the same positive direction by visualizing success. It is believed the focus on such success not only results in a more proactive approach that is more likely to be successful but also, that there is real power in the thought itself.

Related to this notion of actually creating one’s own luck is the idea that one can actually bring physical matter into existence with the power of mind alone. Of course, whether one would want to or not is debatable, but both use the same process to bring what one envisions into reality.

Anyone who has read Carlos Castanada is familiar with the idea that under certain circumstances and with a commitment to mental training, people are capable of bringing thought-forms (as opposed to life-forms) into existence. While it seems to be something anyone can do, few are interested in trying because it’s an intensive commitment that can, when not done very carefully, involve a certain and permanent loss of self, just in case sounding crazy wasn’t enough of a deterrent.

While many traditions worldwide have had an individual, caste or tribe that was responsible for such practices and interactions, today individual practitioners or intentional communities perform this extreme type of intentional manifestation. In the lore of indigenous cultures worldwide, thought-forms (spirit-guides or whatever the animal-shaped thought forms are called locally) could then impart wisdom or cause mischief. Their conjuring is viewed by all cultures with such traditions, as a double-edged sword — like a poisonous plant that could cure or kill, depending upon how it’s used.

On the other hand, modern practitioners who have inadvertently conjured up humanoid forms (or Tulpas) have almost always found the experience frightening (to say the least) and have had great difficulty maintaining control and stopping the process. Indeed, many cultures also have myths, such as the famous Jewish tale of the Gollum, where conjuring a human-like thought form into physical reality has disastrous consequences.

Practiced today by Theosophists and Clairvoyants, manifestations of thought forms occur in three phases. The simplest is creating a very clear mental image of your self. Without such a picture, you cannot begin to project from that self to the outside environment. This is useful for any type of mental work where you wish to create a physical manifestation of your thoughts.

Next, you will focus on what is intended. The more detail one gives this mental image (over what can be a very long time for the novice), the more form you will be able to lend to a physical manifestation. This is also where most practice with visualization and manifesting intent leaves off. Those wishing to change their luck don’t need to create a Leprechaun out of the ether.

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The final step toward actual physical manifestation is “an independent image expressing the inherent qualities of the thought.” Most practitioners agree that negative (or “low” emotions) will create dark, foreboding colours and forms while the more powerful, positive emotions produce light colours and with a more distinctive shape. When using such manifestations with other people, they are said to “bounce back to the sender” if the emotional states of the two people are not aligned.

Usually only clairvoyants, who often describe them auras taking flight, see manifestation events. Those who regularly perform such tasks regularly are careful to put only as much thought into them as is needed for the immediate session. Otherwise, they could linger, as thought forms have been known to do, for years at a time in some cases. These “professional” wisps almost always dissipate within a few minutes or hours.

Concentrating on manifesting personal success seems to be far less dangerous than focusing on crating a long-term link to what is often described as the thought or astral plane, or other dimensions. Those who call such manifestations into existence as part of a group consider such “Egrigori” a dimensionally limited manifestation of a “supernatural intelligence.” The only fact is that no one knows for sure — all the empirical evidence is inconclusive.

Wherever they come from and whatever they’re made of, thought forms are perhaps most commonly known in Western Culture as the “Familiars” of 17th century witches. Such manifestations, taken from Caribbean folklore, were thought forms, usually in the shape of animals that could give advice, power or perform tasks. Even some modern practitioners of various schools of mental training even claim they can send cohesive thought forms to go run simple errands for them.

Children and teenagers (especially girls) are said to be the most likely to accidentally create such a form. The strong emotions of puberty are especially likely to give rise to such manifestations. Additionally, some people believe the “invisible people” many children see are actually thought form manifestations that dissipate when they cease to believe in them. Some children who aren’t well-socialized or live in very rural locations may not realize for some time that their play friends aren’t real, because in a sense, they are.

However, as usually practiced, intentional manifestation is half of what makes “The Secret” work for people. While it sounds a lot like magic, books such as Wallace Wattles’ 1910 publication, The Science of Getting Rich, lay out a recipe for success that involve many traditions, without ever naming them. While this may include a little bit of this so-called “occultism,” it also contains snippets of just about every mode of thought from the last 5,000 years of human history.

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