Manifesting Secrets — Which of These 7 Manifesting Mistakes Are You Making?

3 min readApr 19, 2021


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Manifesting techniques can be incredibly powerful, IF you know what you’re doing. Do you know which of the seven most common manifesting mistakes you’re probably making? Read on and save yourself years of frustration and yo-yo results.

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Manifesting Mistake 1: Do Want vs. Don’t Want

This is a fundamental concept — and easily confused. Ask someone what they want in life and they’ll often start with a (long) list of the stuff they currently have but don’t like. They’ll moan about their job, partner, house, pet, car, you name it. If you catch yourself in this trap, usually flipping it around shows you what you’d rather get instead. That’s your next project.

Manifesting Mistake 2: Manifesting Stress

Tony Robbins mentions people tend to be motivated by either inspiration or desperation. Carrot or stick. The problem with using ‘stick’ motivation is it’s usually stressful, and stress makes you dumber. Stress drains blood from your forebrain, the seat of much higher brain function. The solution? Do something deeply relaxing first before you plan and implement your manifesting project, it’ll flow much more smoothly.

Manifesting Mistake 3: The Realm of Possibilty

When planning a manifesting project, estimate on a scale of 0–10 how likely you feel the success of the project will be. If it’s under an 8 out of 10, you’ll make very slow progress, if it ever turns up at all. Either learn how to shift your level of belief in your ability to pull it off or stair-step your way up to the target in little chunks, getting comfortable with each quick step along the way before attempting the next. Let your real world results convince you that you can accomplish bigger and bigger things.

Manifesting Mistake 4: Form vs Function

Quite often there will be subtle differences between the exact details of your mental movie and the way it actually turns out in physical reality. Don’t get too hung up if your new silver BMW is technically platinum in colour, it’s still a successful project! Whilst I prefer being very specific in your project design, you can manifest the essence of something directly and let the outer form surprise you from time to time.

Manifesting Mistake 5: Sloppy Projects

This is a major cause of manifesting failure — badly designed projects. Make sure your intention is written down, stated as a positive ‘do want’, has specific details, is directly controllable by you, large enough to be exciting and compatible with everything else you’ve got going on.

Manifesting Mistake 6: Those Who Wait… Wait… and Wait…

You get things done on three levels — physically, psychologically and energetically. Manifesting deals with the latter, changework deals with the psychological and time management deals with the physical. Use all three at once for best results, after all you wouldn’t drive a car in 2nd gear the whole time would you? You set projects up metaphysically using manifesting drills, then jump on the opportunities that arise with your body, all guided by your mindset.

Manifesting Mistake 7: Brainwave Levels

Get control over your brainwaves and your manifesting results will double. You need to be at the right level of mind to effectively build the mental blueprints that your future results are going to get built from. This means you need to relax deeply physically, then relax deeply mentally, then do your visualisations from that state of mind.

When you next meditate, squeeze and relax all the muscles in your body progressively from your feet to your head, then count backwards slowly in your mind from 100 to 1. When you can count all the way down without dozing off, you’re in the right state of mind for effective manifesting.

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