Important Steps to Manage Your Online Reputation

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We are living in a digital age where an individual takes an important decision based on a simple search on Google. With a single search, all things related to your search term come up at the very first pages of Google. This is why online reputation management (ORM) is very important today.

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What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management (ORM) is a positive approach taken by an organization for improving or restoring the reputation of it. It involves a number of activities like reputation monitoring, damage repair, branding on social media, reviews management, and search protection.

Given below the important steps of managing online reputation

  1. Reputation monitoring

This is the very first step of ORM. It includes two significant activities- tracking reputation and monitoring keyword based search results.

Keyword based monitoring keeps close look at the social media sites, news, blogs and forums. An online reputation management company uses these means (social media sites, news, blogs and forums) to improve the reputation of a company.

  1. Search Protection

Search protection comprises of three distinct parts- Brand Keyword Protection, SE Wipeout and Rich Snippets.

  1. Brand Keyword Protection

Brand Keyword Protection ensures positive results for an organization on various search engines. A person can have a look at the positive results about an organization when he or she uses the search terms and other related phrases.

  1. SE Wipe-outs

As the name suggests, we can understand that it is the method of removing negative reviews. In this step removal and replacement of negative reviews are done. It wipes out bad options and low PR back links.

  1. Rich Snippets

Rich snippets involve authorship and micro formats compliance in order to ensure that Google has validated your data related to brand and business.

Review Management

Like search engine protection, review management has three important steps- onsite feedback, integrated reviews solution and offsite reviews.

Onsite Feedback

It collects the records of customer reviews on your website. It takes care of the visibility and discoverability of positive customer reviews on a website.

Integrated Reviews Solution

It uses on-site tools to receive integrated reviews published across all managed social media.

Offsite Reviews

It needs monitoring offsite reviews. It manages rebuttals and positive reviews published on third party websites.

Damage Repair

This is the vital part of ORM. It covers three distinct areas like dialogue control, negative review burial or replacement, and micro sites or decoy site creation.

Dialogue control

It addresses Bad PR and negative comments.

Negative review burial or replacement

Under it, negative reviews are either replaced with positive reviews or removed from a website by contacting the website owner.

Micro sites or decoy site

Here purpose specific website is developed to carry on a well planned online campaign.

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Articles that educate are my jam

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