Decide, Expect, and Know For Successful Manifesting

4 min readApr 17, 2021
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Questions — How to obtain the faith and strength to not give up that the dream (which will help others) will truly happen after many years of being aware and changing attitudes to the positive alignment?

Setting semantics and Source questions aside, I guess my question would be — How do you respond to not receiving what you asked for? Is there a process for checking whether that request is for your highest good, how to recognize and clear blocks to receiving, when to hang on to one dream and when to try other directions?

In these two questions there are similarities in what is being asked. First of all what is most important to understand is that in anything that you desire to manifest, you can only manifest what you can desire. In other words, what ever you desire is already ready to be brought forth into physical manifestation. You cannot manifest what you cannot think of.

If your manifestation has not happened yet, there are one or more things that may be happening. You could be blocking your manifestation by not feeling worthy of it or worthy of doing it. Even if it may help others, do you feel you are worthy of doing the manifestation? If not, then these are limiting beliefs that are present with you.

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You see, as a Spiritual Being that is the essence of God/Source/Spirit/Universe, you are worthy of anything. It is in the thinking as a human being that there are thoughts of limitation and unworthiness. When you know without doubt that you could not have the thought of this manifestation unless you were capable and worthy of doing it, then your manifestation will happen very quickly.

Also if you are not receiving what you desire, ask your self several questions.

1. Are you maintaining your focus on the end result or manifestation? Or are you changing what that manifestation would look like?

2. When you maintain your focus on the desired end manifestation, you will be shown the direction of achieving it. You do not figure out the direction of or the how of receiving the manifestation. You let it be shown to you. Your job is to maintain a singular focus.

3. Are you following through on inspired action that you receive?

4. Are you focusing on your manifestation in secrecy or are you sharing it with others? Sharing dissipates the creating energy.

To know if your request is for your highest good, take a moment, close your eyes, quiet yourself and think about your desired manifestation. How does it make you feel inside? Do you feel happy, not so good or neutral? Feeling happy or like you are smiling inside lets you know it is for your highest good. If you feel great about it overall and then when you think about some part of it, it feels not so good, that is usually an indicator of a limiting belief or block associated with it.

There is also something key in your question, when you use the word “request”. When you are manifesting, you do not request. That indicates that you are looking for something or someone outside of you to make a decision on your request.

You decide what it is you desire to manifest and then you expect and know that it will come to be. Your subconscious/the creating energy is impersonal. It does not make a decision whether something is good or bad. It just creates from the thought it is given.

If you are in alignment and in contact with the spiritual essence of your being, then you will only desire to manifest those things that are for the highest good of yourself as well as others.

When you know that as the Divine Spiritual Being that you are that you are worthy of receiving whatever you desire, then you will be clear and unblocked to receive any of your desired manifestations.

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